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Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court - Louis J. Perret
Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court - Louis J. Perret

The Online Records Search is a service provided by the Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court that allows access to Conveyance, Mortgage, UCC, Civil, Criminal, Traffic and Family Nonsupport public records filed in our parish and maintained by the Clerk’s Office.

This service is offered by subscription only. The subscription allows access to two websites. The eSearch Website contains index searches for Mortgage (beginning 1/1/1948), Conveyance (vendor beginning 1/1/1936 and vendee beginning 1/1/1966) and UCC records filed in our parish. Viewing of document images begins January 1, 1953. The printing fee is $1.00 per page.

The ClerkConnect Website contains Civil Suit index searches from January 1, 1986 through current with images beginning May 24, 2006. It also contains Criminal, Traffic and Family Nonsupport case information including offense date, charge filed, case history, service, minutes, and disposition. The printing fee is $10 per minute entry with no charge for printing other documents.

Schedule of Fees
Set up Fee New Subscribers $100.00 one time
Monthly Subscriber Fee $65.00 per month per User ID
Mortgage, Conveyance & UCC $1.00 per printed page
Criminal, Traffic & Family $10.00 per printed minute entry
(no charge for printing other documents)
Civil No per page printing fee
Viewing Documents No additional fee

Each subscriber requesting access to our online information will be assigned an account on a case-by-case basis. In order to subscribe, you must have an open charge account with our office. This is a thirty day open account. The $65 per month fee and any printing fees will be billed to your charge account. A statement will be sent to you at the beginning of each month and upon receiving this statement, the total amount shown is due. Accounts will be closed for delinquency in payment. Accepted means of payment are: Cash, Personal or Business Check and Money Order. Credit Card payments are not accepted.